Shooting is fun

Shooting range praha – what is it?

Shooting at the shooting range can be a lot of fun for many people. Why? Because they can relax well here and get rid of stress. It`s a good idea to drive away bad thoughts – isn`t it? I think that yes. Those people who have this hobby are exactly the same as others. But society looks at them differently and through its fingers, which is definitely not good. Why should someone be condemned for their hobby, which they enjoy and fulfill, when they do not endanger others? The company considers this hobby to be different or weird. But the question is why.


Because automatically every person who shoots at the shooting range has to be dangerous? I don`t understand it myself, but we other people probably won`t do much with it. I can`t say that. All I can say is that everyone should have a hobby they enjoy, as long as it doesn`t endanger others. It is true. And no one should order anyone, „You can do this and this can`t, this is against the rights of society.“ I really don`t like that. Everyone has a life of their own, and they should really do what they enjoy and not be manipulated by others.


Manipulating some people can be really annoying, but I believe it`s just envy and the desire to manage their own lives, otherwise I really don`t know why these people would do it and deliberately. And if you really enjoy shooting, you can also get a gun passport that allows you to buy a gun and legally, then you can train, for example, in your cottage shooting at a target, if you do not like the shooting range environment so much. Anyway, it`s important to persevere and keep going, and while it can sometimes be very difficult, I firmly believe that you can do it and end up being really good in your hobby. Believe me, that you will really enjoy shooting. Try it and you will like it so much. Have a good fun!

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